Thomas Newson – Pallaroid (Teaser)

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Thomas Newson – Pallaroid
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Already racking a considerable output of cutting edge newcomers, Revealed Recordings has another secret weapon up its sleeve for 2013. This time, it comes in the form of 19-year-old trailblazer Thomas Newson, who debuts on the label next month with “Pallaroid.” As one of the last IDs to have teased fans in Hardwell’s groundbreaking Tomorrowland set — which to date has collected more than 12 million views — the teaser comes with the backstory from Hardwell himself as to how the track’s journeyed from Newson’s mind to the labels safe hands. The track itself, rife with high octane drops and heavyset electro bass lines in full-effect, packs explosive energy into this inaugural offering from the young producer, asserting that The Netherland’s still has a few tricks up its sleeves where groundbreaking new talent is concerned.

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33 thoughts on “Thomas Newson – Pallaroid (Teaser)”

  1. I think I'm gonna love you as a friend bro you have awesome work 😉 keep it up and one day I'll make a collab with you but I'm only 15 let's find out in a couple of year 😉 peace homie

  2. And BOOM …
    (Only a year later) Pollaroid was Released.
    Are you making a Videoclip or why is taking so long to release the song?
    If "Polaroid was born" already?

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