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YouTube Music still not working for kids with Google Play Music set to close at any time

Since streaming music is the norm now, almost every major service offers a family plan so everyone can enjoy it at a discount. But with YouTube Music, family plans get complicated for young children and there is no solution in sight either.

For quite some time, parents have been able to subscribe to various Google family plan offerings for everything from ad-free YouTube to sharing movie and app libraries. It's an easy way to save some money while allowing each member of the family to have their own account.

With Google Play Music, families were able to have their own libraries on one subscription, including children! Play Music will be shutting down this month, which means the service can completely stop working at any time. It's already dead on the Google Assistant speakers. This is a real shame for families because YouTube Music is not up to scratch.

Google has been bringing more features to YouTube Music for the past few months as we've covered a lot, but as the days go by, the family plans for the kids have yet to be fixed. Currently, no child under the age of 13 can use YouTube Music in any capacity, which means that by switching from one service to another, they will lose all their music and playlists immediately and there will be no way to get them back until they are 13 years old. This limitation was described on Google's support page (focus on our site) and was highlighted by our friends at Android Police again in June.

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