Anand Bhaskar and Mame Khan Collaberation


We have got some news! Conductor and singer Anand Bhaskar recently collaborated with an illustrious up to date ethnic music creative person for his band Anand Bhaskar Collective’s upcoming EP titled ‘Ufaq.’

`For our upcoming EP, we tend to wrote a song, that for the first time, had folks influences in it. We tend to wished to collaborate with another musician on that, and every one people at Anand Bhaskar Collective nem con thought of Mame Khan. This is clear Association in Nursing aspiration for the United States.

However, ne’er in our wildest thoughts did we expect that Mame Khan would comply with return on board and bless a big portion of our track.

Along with his attractive voice,` same Associate in Nursing elated Anand Bhaskar, WHO has recent hits like Shabashiyaan from Mission Mangal to his credit.

‘Ufaq’ are going to be Anand Bhaskar Collective’s third giving to their fans when emotional two full-length albums ‘Samsara’ and ‘Excuse Me’ back in 2014 and 2017 severally.

The song has been made by instrumentalist and musician Ajay Jayanthi, whereas Ginny Diwan has written the lyrics for it. Incidentally, Ginny is additionally the author for all the songs in Mirzapur Season 01 and Season 02, has perpetually collaborated with Anand Bhaskar on several comes.

Anand, WHO has antecedently conjointly sung the track prepare To Fight once more from Baaghi two, has a robust repertoire of labour as a solo composer/music director. Other than his advertising work, the singer-composer recently hit the headlines along with his work for the hit net series ‘Mirzapur.’ Anand composed all the songs of the series in Season one and is currently geared up to complete writing songs for the second season.

Well, given his line of labour, we will not wait to listen to him and Mame Khan along. Can you?

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