MiniMouge VST

The Minimogue is a lead, FX and bass synth just like the real Minimoog. It is programmed to be as expressive as possible. This is a synth for the players. Modulation wheel takes a big part in the solo sounds. Also try to play long legato lines to hear the full sweep with sounds like Big drift. It is cpu friendly. CPU load is 1% on a 1,5 centrino machine. On my old P4 1,7 machine CPU load is 3 %.
The first 3 rows of knobs represent the original Minimoog. The only additions here is a
button for retrig and legato. The original Minimoog is always set to legato. Also there are sliders for fine tuning that is not present on the Minimoog, but these works just like the pitch knob, only that it is more sensitive. Its just there to help you, because the Minimoog sounds best when it is almost in tune, but not 100%. Tuning plays a big part in the Minimoog sound. Also release in the envelope generators is added. The upper section is where you create sounds.
The last row of knobs represent new features that we have added that is not present on the original Minimoog. These features are midi control, oscillator sync, LFO, autopan, overdrive, chorus and a delay section that you can sync to host BPM. The LFO has 3 functions. At low level settings it is intended to simulate the small tuning and instabilities in an original Minimoog. At high level settings it simalates the tweaking of a knob so that you can focus on the playing. The third function is to give oscillatorsync pitch variations to work with. It also syncs to host BPM.
Download and Installation:

Download MiniMouge VST here
Extract the .dll file to your VST folder, search for it in your DAW.

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