Pre-wedding shoot in India vs in a foreign country Benefits and cost analysis


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Pre-wedding shoot videos are an integral part of a wedding today. Couples look for newer places for conducting their pre-wedding shoot innovatively. One can find many places for a pre-wedding video shoot in Delhi, photoshoot places in Gurgaon and perfect location Faridabad. One can also find numerous set-ups at these locations for picturizing pre-wedding shoot videos beautifully with different backgrounds. Many couples want to go beyond the regular choice of the pair and for the unique setting or the idea they are willing to spend handsomely. For such couples, the best place for pre-wedding shoots could result in foreign countries.

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Undoubtedly the cost of the pre-wedding shoot in India is much less than in a foreign country. When you plan a pre-wedding shoot nearby your living place, then travel expenses and accommodation expenses are negligible. Also, you can save your time as shooting pre-wedding at a local destination can be completed, usually in a day. Thus, when you are short of time for your pre-wedding shoot, then pulling it at one of the Best places for pre-wedding shoot in Delhi is a better option. But when you are not much worried about the time and budget, and you want to pictures at a unique location, then opting for a foreign location is worthy.

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A foreign location may cost you more as the airfare and the local travel cost will add on to your travel expenses. Additionally, you will have to pay a reasonable amount for accommodation and food for 2-3 days, as at least this much time is required for shooting your pre-wedding video at a foreign location. The extent of the budget further depends on the foreign location chosen. If you choose a location like Sri Lanka or Bhutan or Nepal, where the currency value is lower or equal to Indian currency, then your pre-wedding budget may not be affected much. But if you choose a destination whose currency value is higher than Indian currency like Maldives, Mauritius, Australia, Bali, Japan, etc. then get ready for the expense.

Not to lose heart in the latter case as there are many benefits of choosing a foreign location for your pre-wedding shoot. An international location will give you a chance to enjoy a short vacation and spend a good time with your partner at an exotic location, along with shooting the pre-wedding video. It will give you ample time to relax from hectic wedding preparations and enjoy the courtship period before your wedding. You can relish this time as it is not going to come back. You can get comfortable with your partner and understand him/her better during the short vacation. Privacy from relatives and friends while shooting the pre-wedding video is another benefit of selecting a foreign location for a pre-wedding shoot. Thus, you can exercise ample opportunities to make the best use of choosing a foreign location for a pre-wedding shoot, thereby making it a worthy affair at the destination.

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Thus, pre-wedding video shoot in Delhi or any other nearby local destination or pre-wedding shoot in a foreign country, both have their benefits. You can choose the best place for the pre-wedding shoot as per your dreams, time and budget. Your photographer can help you finalize an apt location for your pre-wedding video. If you are choosing a foreign location, you will have to check the availability of your photographer at the destination on the dates chosen by you.

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Just as choosing the pre-wedding video shoot location is a challenge, choosing a skilled photographer is also a task. Plenty of options available in the market confuse the couple about whom to select. If you want memorable and appreciable results in your pre-wedding video, then carefully select an experienced and proficient photographer for shooting your pre-wedding video at the best place for a pre-wedding shoot as desired by you.






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