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Submit your Remix using Below Form But do read the below information and guidelines to get approved.

Music Submission information and Guidelines.


We are Music 100 Life India’s Most Leading Music portal for Underground DJ’s/Producers and Underground Singers. Our portal is a Music Download Portal and hence, we allow the DJ’s to submit the Music and audience to Download it. Science, We are one of the trusted Quality Music Remix Download Portal. We keep in mind that we serve the best to our Audience and the same should be your target too.

We generally promote the Dj Remix Song which is good in quality and not hammering. We are having quite a difference When a professional Dj/producer creates the track. So looking forward for talent who can create Quality DJ Remix in 2020 and upcoming years. So let us straight get into the Guidelines of Music Submission.

Music Creation Guidelines

  1. We need a good quality 320 Kbps MP3 VBR Quality Mp3 File
  2. The Track should be clear with the genre and not a one beat low quality track.
  3. It has to be on the beat and not off the beat.
  4. The Vocals/Capella has to be clear
  5. The Beats,instruments and melodies has to sound pure.
  6. Mismatch of the tracks melodies , Beats and vocals should not be accepted.
  7. The track with the Dj Name voice overs has to be clear and good in hearing. Robotic Dj Name tracks submitted will not be accepted.

Dj Remix Song 2020 Submission Guidelines

  1. The information in the form should be absolutely correct. No spamming is allowed. If spamming is detected legal actions to be taken by finding the actual ip and the ip behind proxy and claim will be initiated.
  2. The Music Link submitted should be Downloadable. It is compulsory.
  3. The Flyer Link Submitted should be Downloadable. It is compulsory.
  4. Do not submit the links of the traces posted on other Similar website. The Submission will be directly rejected without any notification.
  5. Make sure to Submit the original Banner and the Track. The track tagged with others websites information and the logo tagged with others websites logo will not be accepted.
  6. The track you have created should not be copied work of other dj. If found to be copied. We will take necessary hard actions, Harmful for you. So do the original work.
  7. We are not responsible for the claims on your track. If we detect any claims on your track we are free to tack necessary actions against you and can provide your information to the original creator.
  8. In case of Dj Remixes if the Remix Beats, vocals ,etc copied from others Remix will be ruined in case of copying and thieving others work.


   ** Submit Your Remix **

Tell us your Real Name not the DJ Name.
By what Dj Name people Know you?
Select wisely Don't add Bollywood Singles in EDM. EDM is for Original Musics Only
Give the Title of your Music with the Dj Name
Name of the Artists separated by Coma's
Tell us your Email Id where we can get in touch with you.
Give the Link of Hearths, Media fire, etc. Please make sure Music Link is Downloadable.
Please upload flyer somewhere on Mediafire, Zippyshare or Google Drive. Share the Download Link.
You can share if you had came with the reference of someone else. Or if you have release of future date. Do Let us Know here.

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Thank You !



On this website Music 100 life, we store the Images and the Links to the Audio files. We get the Audio Files from the Music Artists and hence not directly stored on our server. We respect the work on the Music done by the Original Creators. We are not responsible for any of the external File links stored on other spaces. The Link over here may contain direct Download Link. We are here to showcase the DJ’s and producers, and this is the peep’s who help the song to get viral. Many times it happens that people search for the original of it. So even it is beneficial to you. We are a small website and don’t have big systems to track the copyrighted material and not in the intention of the same. But, in case if you feel that the page you are seeing is copyrighted and it should not be there, You can contact us by sending us the Email on [email protected] Remember you have to prove the content id, and it is registered on your or your label name. We need to keep our portal Clean and clear for the other users. We are here to promote the artists and help them survive as a brand in the market. If you are a Dj Producer and want your Remix to be released with us feel free to contact us. you can send us an email on [email protected] or submit it on our Submit your Remix Page of the website. Lastly We would request you to share our Content if you liked it with the other users and help us grow to help needful artists to achieve their dreams. 
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